Colorful S Family in B&W

This is a first for me – an entirely black and white post! I met with S family last sunday at Forest Park (near the Grand Basin) for a very special shoot. They had in attendance four generations! Four! I was thrilled to be able to capture this moment when the whole family is together for the holidays. And I just loved how the black and white edits turned out – simple and elegant. Enjoy!

S Family B&W 001

S Family B&W 015

S Family B&W 028

S Family B&W 038

S Family B&W 041

S Family B&W 045

S Family B&W 049

S Family B&W 051

S Family B&W 053

S Family B&W 056

S Family B&W 058

S Family B&W 062

S Family B&W 068

S Family B&W 069

S Family B&W 076

S Family B&W 078

S Family B&W 082

One response

  1. Dear Sarah, These photos are lovely. I am SO impressed by them all. The ones of the 2 older children–she has her hands on her knees and he is standing on a rock–both simply classics. I am glad that each got a very amazing shot so the parents don’t do what humans do and focus on the one that “got away”. :)Love you sweet girl,Momma

    Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 00:12:51 +0000 To:

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