Baby Barrett has arrived!

I’ve been in newborn heaven this month. Baby Barrett’s mama is an old friend and it was SO fun to see her doing her mommy thing. This family is precious ya’ll. Please makeĀ note of Barrett’s friends: his Terrible Towel (for mama’s team), his badger (for daddy’s team) and his turtle (a sweet gift from grandma). That’s what I call socialization šŸ™‚Ā  Enjoy the pics!


Welcome Baby Caroline!

Well it must be Fall because Sarah Sue is busy! First on the blog docket… sweet Baby Caroline. This little lady was just a delight, totally ready for her close-up. And big brother found time to join in between songs and games (swoon). L Family, thank you for allowing me into your home to hang out with your growing family!


L Family Newborns

Well clearly life has gotten in the way of my photo posting. In my world, it should never take this long to post totally adorable newborn pics. And yes, there are still bluebonnet photos yet to come – stay tuned!

This shoot was just a delight. The L family’s oldest boy has already wowed me a couple of times with his posing abilities. It was no surprise then that he was able to sit sweetly with his brand new brother who, for his part, slept like a champ through the whole ordeal. Thank you for welcoming me into your home during this sweet transitional time, L Family!

L Family Newborns 01

L Family Newborns 02

L Family Newborns 03

L Family Newborns 04

L Family Newborns 05

L Family Newborns 06

L Family Newborns 07

L Family Newborns 08

L Family Newborns 09

L Family Newborns 10

L Family Newborns 11

L Family Newborns 12

L Family Newborns 13

L Family Newborns 14

L Family Newborns 15

L Family Newborns 16

L Family Newborns 17

L Family Newborns 18

L Family Newborns 19

L Family Newborns 20

V Family Newborns

The V Family has welcomed their second baby (little girl G) to the world! I always love newborn photo shoots but this little one was just a delight to photograph. She was willing to pose, persevere through costume changes, pose again, get kisses from big brother, get moved around from here to there, and all the while POSE. What a sweet little trooper! Feast your eyes on the cuteness…

V Family Newborns 01

V Family Newborns 02

V Family Newborns 03

V Family Newborns 04

V Family Newborns 05

V Family Newborns 06

V Family Newborns 07

V Family Newborns 08

V Family Newborns 09

V Family Newborns 10

V Family Newborns 11

V Family Newborns 12

V Family Newborns 13

V Family Newborns 14

V Family Newborns 15

V Family Newborns 16

V Family Newborns 17

V Family Newborns 18

V Family Newborns 19

V Family Newborns 20

V Family Newborns 21

Welcome Baby Joseph!

Two weeks ago, my heart got a little bigger when my newest nephew was born. Baby Joseph, as it turns out, is just a delightful human (much like his parents and siblings). And this Mother’s Day week, I am feeling very grateful for my sweet sister-in-law, who is such a fantastic momma to these kids who I love so dearly. Happy (late) Mother’s Day!

Baby Joseph Newborns-19 Baby Joseph Newborns-26 Baby Joseph Newborns-30 Baby Joseph Newborns-32 Baby Joseph Newborns-34 Baby Joseph Newborns-38 Baby Joseph Newborns-41 Baby Joseph Newborns-45 Baby Joseph Newborns-50 Baby Joseph Newborns-53 Baby Joseph Newborns-59 Baby Joseph Newborns-63 Baby Joseph Newborns-67 Baby Joseph Newborns-68 Baby Joseph Newborns-72

Welcome Baby Matthew!

I love seeing my friends as mommies. And this particular mama has plenty of practice already with these two cuties. So it was really special to get to spend a quiet morning with just my sweet friend and her new little bundle, Matthew. Golly this guy knows how to behave for a photo shoot. He just snuggled up and snoozed away, throwing in the occasional smile. There’s a laid-back third child for you right? Welcome to the world, Baby Matthew!

Baby Matthew Newborns-2 Baby Matthew Newborns-4 Baby Matthew Newborns-9 Baby Matthew Newborns-13 Baby Matthew Newborns-19 Baby Matthew Newborns-25 Baby Matthew Newborns-30 Baby Matthew Newborns-34 Baby Matthew Newborns-38 Baby Matthew Newborns-41 Baby Matthew Newborns-42 Baby Matthew Newborns-58 Baby Matthew Newborns-66

The S Family’s sweet Santa Baby!

What better Christmas gift is there than a new baby? The S Family welcomed their son just a few short days before Christmas (you can take a look at their maternity session here) and he was clearly ready to meet the world. Normally, newborn sessions revolve around the baby’s nap time, which is when you are able to capture those sleepy snuggly poses. Baby S, however, was not interested in sleeping and instead chose to show off his personality and his handsome alert eyes. And I have to say, I could not be happier with the result. This is one preciousĀ little Christmas gift. Thanks for giving me some time with him, S Family!

S Newborns-2 S Newborns-6 S Newborns-8 S Newborns-11 S Newborns-12 S Newborns-17 S Newborns-19 S Newborns-22 S Newborns-25 S Newborns-32 S Newborns-34 S Newborns-38 S Newborns-40 S Newborns-43 S Newborns-50 S Newborns-55 S Newborns-62

Welcome Baby William!

Attention attention, Baby William has arrived! If this little bundle of Christmas joy looks cute in photos, you should see him in person. His tiny face is already the sweetest blend of Mom and Dad. Thanks so much, E Family, for allowing me into your home during this joyful time!

E Family Newborns 01 E Family Newborns 02 E Family Newborns 03 E Family Newborns 04 E Family Newborns 05 E Family Newborns 06 E Family Newborns 07 E Family Newborns 08 E Family Newborns 09 E Family Newborns 10 E Family Newborns 11 E Family Newborns 12 E Family Newborns 13 E Family Newborns 14 E Family Newborns 15 E Family Newborns 16 E Family Newborns 17

Baby Jonah has arrived!

This little fella has been eagerly awaited and even after he was born, Auntie Sarah had to wait 6 weeks to meet him (torture). Let me tell you, he did not disappoint. I am in love with this sweet boy. No surprise, since his mama has been one of my very best friends for the last decade and his daddy is such a good guy. I can’t wait for my next visit – gotta stock up on those Jonah snuggles as often as possible. Thanks for letting me take your picture, friends!

Jonah Newborns B&W-54

Jonah Newborns-3

Jonah Newborns-11

Jonah Newborns-26

Jonah Newborns-40

Jonah Newborns-42

Jonah Newborns-44

Jonah Newborns-45

Jonah Newborns-46

Jonah Newborns-49

Jonah Newborns-53

Jonah Newborns-56

Jonah Newborns-61

Jonah Newborns-63

Jonah Newborns-65

Jonah Newborns-66

Jonah Newborns-69

Jonah Newborns-72

Jonah Newborns-74

V Family Newborns

Have I mentioned how much I love newborn shoots? My morning spent with the V Family was no exception. What fun to hang out with this little guy on his 10th day of life. And I have to say… this family gets extra bonus points for the snuggly bear hat – precious! Thanks, V Family for welcomingĀ me into your home during this special time!

V Family 001

V Family 002

V Family 003

V Family 004

V Family 005

V Family 006

V Family 007

V Family 008

V Family 009

V Family 010

V Family 011

V Family 012

V Family 013

V Family 014

V Family 015

V Family 016

V Family 017

V Family 018

V Family 019

V Family 020