New Business Cards!

I just designed and printed Sarah Sue Photography’s first business cards!  The black outline is just for ease of online viewing – there is no actual black outline on the cards.  And there is of course a real phone number.  Just didn’t think that was necessary for the blogosphere.

These babies are now distributed all over St Louis, thanks to lots of driving, chatting, smiling, and occasionally begging.  There are actually quite a few shop owners in town that are willing to display materials from local artists and businesses.  Now here’s hoping people actually look at them…

Crochet Creations

Alright, this post is obviously not about photography.  It is, as the title would suggest, about my new hobby – crochet!  I learned how to crochet last year, first from my mom and then from a helpful old lady on an airplane (not kidding – she was so fun).  This new skill was super helpful for newborn props, especially since there are a bunch of free patterns out there in the internets.  So my first creation was the little baby basket, featured in Benjamin’s photoshoot.  I used the pattern from this site.

Next came a hat for Corban’s shoot in the park.  You can find the patter for that one here.  I’m still working on sizes so this one ended up a little too big but I thought that it added a sweet whimsical feel to the photos.

So this is where the hobby began to morph into obsession.  Christmas is coming and I have a niece and nephew that need gifts!  And what auntie doesn’t want to be that crazy aunt that crochets all of her gifts?  So, as my first step towards becoming Crazy Aunt Sarah, I made… a leprechaun hat.  My brother went to the University of Notre Dame so I decided that my nephew needs a hat from his daddy’s alma mater.  I didn’t have a pattern for this one but I did have some inspiration:

The finished product:

And of course, once my nephew had his awesome hat all ready to go, I knew that I had to make something for my niece.  It just so happens that she is currently obsessed with Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  So I decided she needs a Goldilocks hat and a bear hat.  The Goldilocks hat is basically a larger version of Corban’s hat up above.  The bear hat is loosely based on this monkey hat – I just changed the ears and added a flower.  We’ll see what she thinks – two year olds can be tough critics!  Hopefully I’ll have some cute pics to post after the big day 🙂