Josh and Dorothy are engaged!

Remember my beautiful friend Dorothy from this post? Well she has met the love of her life and is getting married! And, lucky for me, I happened to have a trip to St Louis on the calendar just in time for an engagement shoot in Forest Park. It was so fun to see these two having such fun together (and looking fantastic if I do say so myself). Can’t wait to celebrate with the two of you – it’ll be here before we know it!

Josh and Dorothy Engagements-4 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-19 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-22 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-27 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-48 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-49 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-52 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-61 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-64 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-74 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-76 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-85 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-89 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-97 Josh and Dorothy Engagements-101

Beautiful Friendship

Last weekend I visited St Louis and it was such a sweet time of catching up with friends. I stayed with my lovely friend Dorothy and had the brilliant idea on Sunday to take pictures of her during our walk in the park. Dorothy, being the good sport that she is, went along with the plan and (no surprise) the pictures turned out beautifully. I just cannot resist sharing some of my faves.













I was there too!





Colorful S Family in B&W

This is a first for me – an entirely black and white post! I met with S family last sunday at Forest Park (near the Grand Basin) for a very special shoot. They had in attendance four generations! Four! I was thrilled to be able to capture this moment when the whole family is together for the holidays. And I just loved how the black and white edits turned out – simple and elegant. Enjoy!

S Family B&W 001

S Family B&W 015

S Family B&W 028

S Family B&W 038

S Family B&W 041

S Family B&W 045

S Family B&W 049

S Family B&W 051

S Family B&W 053

S Family B&W 056

S Family B&W 058

S Family B&W 062

S Family B&W 068

S Family B&W 069

S Family B&W 076

S Family B&W 078

S Family B&W 082

Blake and Sarah are getting married!

Last week I met up with my friends Blake and Sarah at Forest Park to snap a few pics because… they’re engaged!! Sarah led the way in choosing our locations and I loved her choices (Forest Park is so great). These two are super fun and easy-going, which makes my job a walk in the park (Ha! See what I did there?). Thanks for hanging out with me on election day, friends!


















Mr and Mrs Smith are having a baby!

My friends the Smiths are expecting!  And if I do say so myself, Mrs Smith is looking absolutely beautiful.  Thankfully the weather cooperated with us this time around and we got to enjoy the lovely flowers in Forest Park.  On days like this, God’s goodness feels so tangible.  It just does not get better than babies and flowers on a warm spring day!

Spring in Forest Park

Last week I had a shoot scheduled in Forest Park that unfortunately had to be postponed due to weather.  As a result I found myself in beautiful Forest Park when the sun made its appearance after the storm.  The flowers were simply GORGEOUS.  I could not pass up the opportunity to walk around and take some spring photos.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Chris and Liz Maternity Photos

My friends Chris and Liz are having a baby!  In fact, he will be arriving any day now – I cannot wait to pinch this little guy’s cheeks.  We took our photos around the Jewel Box at Forest Park and the light was so so gorgeous.  Can I just say one more time how much I love fall in St Louis?  I LOVE fall in St Louis.  Congratulations friends!  I know you are going to be amazing parents.

N Family Portraits

I think I’ve discovered the one thing cuter than a 2-year-old… twin 2-year olds!  Abigail and Aiden were a joy to photograph.  The N family met me at Forest Park and we proceeded to look at the fish, play with sticks, kick balls, smell flowers, impersonate emergency vehicles, and of course play with blocks.  These little ones were so good at having fun and they looked super cute in the process!