Valentines 2020

Well clearly this has now become my Valentine blog, and I can’t say I’m sorry about it. I love getting to see these little faces each year. Thanks to everyone who made it out – take a look below to find your photos!

The M Family is Expecting!

Well the M Family has a lot to look forward to this December with a new baby due before the end of the year! Big brother was so patient during our shoot and was clearly genuinely excited about his tiny sibling… until I mentioned diapers, haha. Plus the Arboretum never disappoints as a family backdrop – even in the dead of Houston “winter”, it was balmy(ish) and green. Such a fun morning with a sweet family.

M Family Maternity 01

M Family Maternity 02

M Family Maternity 03

M Family Maternity 04

M Family Maternity 05

M Family Maternity 06

M Family Maternity 07

M Family Maternity 08

M Family Maternity 09

M Family Maternity 10

J Family Portraits

I just love meeting friends’ families. And what better excuse to hang out than a lil photo shoot? I was honored to get to take pics of one of my dear friends’ families around their lovely home. Even the dog cooperated – check out that canine eye contact! Thanks for welcoming me into your home, J Family!

J Family Portraits 01

J Family Portraits 02

J Family Portraits 03

J Family Portraits 04

J Family Portraits 05

J Family Portraits 06

J Family Portraits 07

J Family Portraits 08

B Family at Hermann Park

Remember how this sweet girl turned 4 earlier in the fall? Well this time we had the whole family (including a very grown-up 4-year-old) out at Hermann Park for their family portraits. I could not have asked for more. We had gorgeous weather, a hint of fall color (yay!) and happy smiles. Thanks for spending the morning with me at the park, B Family!

B Family Portraits 01

B Family Portraits 02

B Family Portraits 03

B Family Portraits 04

B Family Portraits 05

B Family Portraits 06

B Family Portraits 07

B Family Portraits 08

T Family Christmas Pictures

Mrs. T is one of my oldest friends. Check that, she is my oldest friend – approaching 3 decades ya’ll. So it is a delight for me to periodically photograph their family, especially their precious (quickly growing!) little guy. He was cracking me up during this shoot, giving me the sweetest combination of obedient smiles and mischievous grins. Check it out!

T Family 2015 01

T Family 2015 02

T Family 2015 03

T Family 2015 04

T Family 2015 05

T Family 2015 06

T Family 2015 07

T Family 2015 08

T Family 2015 09

T Family 2015 10

T Family 2015 11

T Family 2015 12

T Family 2015 13

Josh and Dorothy are Married!

My dear friend Dorothy has married the love of her life. Awhile back I had the honored of taking their engagement photos at Forest Park in St Louis. And just a couple of weeks ago, I stood up with them in their wedding ceremony after photographing the pre-wedding prep and the bride and groom’s first look.¬†What a day. The joy and the tenderness were palpable. Congratulations Josh and Dorothy!

A Getting Ready 01 A Getting Ready 02 A Getting Ready 03 A Getting Ready 04 A Getting Ready 05 A Getting Ready 06 A Getting Ready 07 A Getting Ready 08 A Getting Ready 09 A Getting Ready 10 A Getting Ready 11 A Getting Ready 12 A Getting Ready 13 A Getting Ready 14 A Getting Ready 15 A Getting Ready 16 A Getting Ready 17 A Getting Ready 18 A Getting Ready 19 A Getting Ready 20 A Getting Ready 21 A Getting Ready 22 A Getting Ready 23 A Getting Ready 24 A Getting Ready 25 A Getting Ready 26 A Getting Ready 27 A Getting Ready 28 A Getting Ready 29 A Getting Ready 30 A Getting Ready 31 A Getting Ready 32 First Look 01 First Look 02 First Look 03 First Look 04 First Look 05 First Look 06 First Look 07 First Look 08 First Look 09 First Look 10 First Look 11 First Look 12 First Look 13 First Look 14 First Look 15