New Business Cards!

I just designed and printed Sarah Sue Photography’s first business cards!  The black outline is just for ease of online viewing – there is no actual black outline on the cards.  And there is of course a real phone number.  Just didn’t think that was necessary for the blogosphere.

These babies are now distributed all over St Louis, thanks to lots of driving, chatting, smiling, and occasionally begging.  There are actually quite a few shop owners in town that are willing to display materials from local artists and businesses.  Now here’s hoping people actually look at them…


Time to take a look at my website…

It’s official, I have a website!!  I am so proud to present – the place to find all the info you will ever need about Sarah Sue Photography.  Thanks to modern technology, I can now provide all of my clients with private online galleries of their photos.  Please use the “Contact Me” form to tell me about your photography needs.  I look forward to hearing from you!

*Covenant students: remember that you can book your photo shoots for a discounted price.  Contact me for more info!