Sarah Sue’s Hiking Adventure in the Alps!

I realize I have been pretty MIA this summer. That has been partly due to the INTENSE Texas heat. We are talking “feels like 109” sort of thing. Who wants photos in that sort of weather? Sweaty people, that’s who. But aside from the heat (and much more fun), I have also been traveling this summer! A couple of weeks ago, I returned from hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc – a 100ish mile trek that circles Mont Blanc, traveling through France, Italy, and Switzerland. I brought along my big ole camera because… how could I not? These views were quite possibly once-in-a-lifetime sights. Lugging the camera each day was a small price to pay for a record of this incredible experience.

So here’s how it went: Each day we got up early, assembled our gear, and headed “up up up” (as our chipper guide told us). Most days our goal was to climb up to a mountain pass, traverse for a bit along a flat ridge, and then descend into the next valley. And let me tell you – I developed a much healthier respect for mountain hiking after just one day of this routine. Because, as it turns out, this trek is both beautiful and PAINFUL. My muscles and my feet screamed at me every day and I considered quitting more than once. As the days wore on, though, I began to discover that the views were worth the pain. Life lessons right? More on that another time… In the meantime, enjoy the sights!

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