Valentines Photo Booth, 2017

Here they are folks! The sweet little Valentines that turned out for this year’s Valentines photo booth. Regardless of your feelings about Valentines Day, I guarantee these tiny faces will melt your heart. Enjoy!

Play Group Valentine’s Day Photo Booth

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Valentine’s Day Photo Booth this weekend in the Heights. Take a look and enjoy your photos!

Sam and Mary’s Going Away Photo Booth

Well, it was the weekend of the Photo Booth here in Houston. And I think I’ve got most of the kinks worked out of the process at this point – it only took two! Thanks to everyone who posed for Sam and Mary’s photo booth tonight. Texas, and the people contained therein, will sorely miss these two. Vaya con Dios, friends (and visit, please)!

All the pics in the gallery are available for download. Just find your photo, click on it, and then click the link in the bottom right-hand corner to view the full-sized image. Once you have the full-sized image on your screen, you can simply save it to your computer using the File menu. These are all yours so feel free to share and print to your heart’s content. Enjoy!