The G Family is Expecting!

We managed to squeeze in a last-minute family shoot for the G Family, who is expecting kiddo #3! What fun it was to catch up with these sweet boys and their parents. Those are going to be some good big brothers. I couldn’t be happier for this growing family 🙂

G Family Maternity 01

G Family Maternity 02

G Family Maternity 03

G Family Maternity 04

G Family Maternity 05

G Family Maternity 06

G Family Maternity 07

G Family Maternity 08

G Family Maternity 09

G Family Maternity 10

The M Family is Expecting!

Well the M Family has a lot to look forward to this December with a new baby due before the end of the year! Big brother was so patient during our shoot and was clearly genuinely excited about his tiny sibling… until I mentioned diapers, haha. Plus the Arboretum never disappoints as a family backdrop – even in the dead of Houston “winter”, it was balmy(ish) and green. Such a fun morning with a sweet family.

M Family Maternity 01

M Family Maternity 02

M Family Maternity 03

M Family Maternity 04

M Family Maternity 05

M Family Maternity 06

M Family Maternity 07

M Family Maternity 08

M Family Maternity 09

M Family Maternity 10

The V Family is Expecting!

The V Family is having another baby! This is a family that I have so loved photographing because I have had the privilege of seeing their first child grow and change. And soon he will be welcoming a sibling! I could not be happier for this sweet family and am looking forward to seeing one more smiling face in their family photos 🙂

V Family Maternity 01

V Family Maternity 02

V Family Maternity 03

V Family Maternity 04

V Family Maternity 05

V Family Maternity 06

V Family Maternity 07

V Family Maternity 08

V Family Maternity 09

V Family Maternity 10

I’m about to be an auntie again!!

Last weekend, I had the joy of visiting my brother and sister-in-law to celebrate my niece’s sixth birthday. We had such fun and even managed to squeeze in a little maternity session because… my sister-in-law is about to give birth to a baby boy!! I am over the top excited to meet this guy. I told my sister-in-law that I am so thankful she keeps giving me little friends. My heart is so full of love for this family. Can’t wait to see this new fella’s face in just a few weeks!

_I0A5491 _I0A5493 _I0A5518 _I0A5522 _I0A5537 _I0A5542 _I0A5545 _I0A5570 _I0A5584 _I0A5592 _I0A5604 _I0A5612 _I0A5613 _I0A5615 _I0A5620 _I0A5625 _I0A5642 _I0A5644

S Family (+1)!

The S Family is having a baby! This was such fun for me because Mr. and Mrs. S and I used to work together as singleton engineers in what seems like a former life (I am now a counselor and photographer, they are married and expecting a baby – a lot can happen in four years). They came prepared to wander in the very muddy Arboretum, good-natured as always. Their fun senses of humor are easy to see in the photos. I’m so excited for this growing little family!

S Maternity Portraits-1

S Maternity Portraits-8

S Maternity Portraits-12

S Maternity Portraits-15

S Maternity Portraits-25

S Maternity Portraits-28

S Maternity Portraits-37

S Maternity Portraits-39

S Maternity Portraits-50

S Maternity Portraits-54

S Maternity Portraits-59

S Maternity Portraits-61

S Maternity Portraits-63

S Maternity Portraits-65

The M Family is having a baby!

This is a couple that is totally gorgeous inside and out (cheesy I know, but true). So I was super pumped to learn that they are expecting a baby! I cannot wait to meet that little one face to face. In the meantime, it was wonderful to get to photograph this family of three at Rice U. Mr. And Mrs. M were so patient with me, trekking around the campus and braving the Houston mosquitoes, smiling sweetly all the while. Thanks so much M Family!

M Pregnancy Portraits 001

M Pregnancy Portraits 002

M Pregnancy Portraits 003

M Pregnancy Portraits 004

M Pregnancy Portraits 005

M Pregnancy Portraits 006

M Pregnancy Portraits 007

M Pregnancy Portraits 008

M Pregnancy Portraits 009

M Pregnancy Portraits 010

M Pregnancy Portraits 011

M Pregnancy Portraits 012

New Child Photography Packages Available

Oh happy day, Sarah Sue Photography is now offering packages for you mommies and daddies out there! Don’t miss a moment of those precious early days by choosing either our “Welcoming Baby” or “1st Year” package. Call or email to reserve your 2014 sessions before the calendar is full. And don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have – contact at sarahsuephotography dot com.

“Welcoming Baby” package (Maternity and newborn sessions) – $400.00

This price includes:

  • The sitting fee for your maternity session and newborn session, which takes place within the first two weeks after birth.
  • 1 8×10 and 2 5×7 prints of your choice per session (total of 6 prints).

“1st Year” package (Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year sessions) – $1,000.00

This price includes:

  • Sitting fees for five sessions during baby’s first year, including newborn.
  • 2 8×10 and 2 5×7 prints of your choice per session (total of 20 prints).

*Additional CDs and/or a la carte prints may be added to any package orders.

*Prices do not include sales tax or shipping.

Mini Sessions, Final Installment



And here it is – the last of the mini sessions. Check out the smiles on both of these little girls. Pure sweetness. I had such a great time hanging out at Hermann Park with each of these families. Thanks so much for coming out, I can’t wait to do it again!








R Family Special Edits 003

R Family Special Edits 009

R Family Special Edits 012

R Family Special Edits 013

R Family Special Edits 014

R Family Special Edits 017

R Family Special Edits 021

Mini Sessions, Day 1

Well, the response for Hermann Park mini sessions was super positive! So much so that I had to add an additional Saturday to accommodate everyone. Round 1 happened last weekend and was such fun. I love mini sessions because I get to take so many different types of photos in one morning. Thanks to all the families that came out!

C Family Special Edits 001

C Family Special Edits 004

C Family Special Edits 006

C Family Special Edits 009

C Family Special Edits 013

C Family Special Edits 015

C Family Special Edits 017

K Family Special Edits 002

K Family Special Edits 003

K Family Special Edits 004

K Family Special Edits 005

K Family Special Edits 009

K Family Special Edits 014

M Maternity Special Edits 001

M Maternity Special Edits 007

M Maternity Special Edits 013

M Maternity Special Edits 020

M Maternity Special Edits 021

M Maternity Special Edits 023

R Family Maternity Shoot

Last weekend, I met Philip and Amanda in Faust Park for some maternity pics.  What a fun shoot!  Philip and Amanda were totally game to try anything.  We began in the vintage carousel and then made our way throughout the historic village (so many cool locations in one place – Faust Park is awesome!).  And they are such a fun couple.  My favorite pics came from the totally un-posed moments that they shared, whispering and laughing together.  Nothing makes for a beautiful photo like twue wuv 🙂