R Family Maternity Portraits

Get ready for some posts, ya’ll, I am playing catch-up on the blog! I’m going to start out with my most recent shoot and work backwards a bit. So first things first – last week’s maternity shoot with the R Family! I love spending time with these people and it’s an added bonus to get to photograph them (aren’t they beautiful?). Plus we had some really fun light to work with and we made the most of it – the vibrant colors of front-lighting, stark silhouettes of backlighting, and balanced tones of dear ole shade. Enjoy!

R Family Maternity 01R Family Maternity 02R Family Maternity 03R Family Maternity 04R Family Maternity 05R Family Maternity 06R Family Maternity 07R Family Maternity 08R Family Maternity 09R Family Maternity 10R Family Maternity 11R Family Maternity 12

H Family Portraits

Last weekend I met the H Family at Hermann Park for a morning family session. I knew that they have five children and that grandma and grandpa would also be joining us. Now, of course, the number of people was not a problem… but it did make me think that we would only end up with a few usable photos. More people means more variability, especially with so many children in the mix. But this family just defied all my expectations. Our shoot was fun and easy and left us with A LOT of sweet photos. Really a delightful morning. Thanks H Family!


The V Family is Expecting!

The V Family is having another baby! This is a family that I have so loved photographing because I have had the privilege of seeing their first child grow and change. And soon he will be welcoming a sibling! I could not be happier for this sweet family and am looking forward to seeing one more smiling face in their family photos 🙂

V Family Maternity 01

V Family Maternity 02

V Family Maternity 03

V Family Maternity 04

V Family Maternity 05

V Family Maternity 06

V Family Maternity 07

V Family Maternity 08

V Family Maternity 09

V Family Maternity 10

B Family at Hermann Park

Remember how this sweet girl turned 4 earlier in the fall? Well this time we had the whole family (including a very grown-up 4-year-old) out at Hermann Park for their family portraits. I could not have asked for more. We had gorgeous weather, a hint of fall color (yay!) and happy smiles. Thanks for spending the morning with me at the park, B Family!

B Family Portraits 01

B Family Portraits 02

B Family Portraits 03

B Family Portraits 04

B Family Portraits 05

B Family Portraits 06

B Family Portraits 07

B Family Portraits 08

B Family in Hermann Park

It is finally spring in Houston! And along with the rising temperatures, we have had a sloppy month (which is good and bad for photo shoots – muddy locations but lovely light). The B Family was so gracious on a wet Saturday morning, trudging through Hermann Park after a heavy storm. And the resulting photos are just precious! Their son was totally ready and willing to interact with his surroundings, which made it a joy to follow him and watch his reactions through my lens. He was especially excited about the train, the ducks, the playground, and (best of all) his very own pup. Thanks so much for braving the mud with me B Family! Enjoy!

B Family-6 B Family-8 B Family-13 B Family-14 B Family-15 B Family-16 B Family-18 B Family-22 B Family-26 B Family-38 B Family-42 B Family-43 B Family-46

What I like about Texas…

It’s funny what happens when you live somewhere your whole life – that place makes up the air you breathe. It seems totally normal, uninteresting, mundane. But when you leave, all of a sudden home becomes fascinating, interesting, worth talking about. During my years in St Louis, I tried to explain the beauty, nay the glory of my beloved Texas. I had a few enthusiastic listeners but they were outnumbered by the eye rollers (“you Texans“). But now that I am back in my home state, I am soaking in those things that seemed so mundane before. Here are just a few of the things that I have loved about Texas over the last couple of weeks…

The storms and views in the Hill Country:


Rodeo clothes:


Rodeo events:


Rodeo food:


And rodeo… miscellaneous:



The beautiful view of the Houston skyline from Buffalo Bayou:




Spring bluebonnets:




The Kite Festival at Hermann Park:





Stay tuned. My love affair with my home state has only just begun…

Mini Sessions, Final Installment



And here it is – the last of the mini sessions. Check out the smiles on both of these little girls. Pure sweetness. I had such a great time hanging out at Hermann Park with each of these families. Thanks so much for coming out, I can’t wait to do it again!








R Family Special Edits 003

R Family Special Edits 009

R Family Special Edits 012

R Family Special Edits 013

R Family Special Edits 014

R Family Special Edits 017

R Family Special Edits 021

Mini Sessions, Day 1

Well, the response for Hermann Park mini sessions was super positive! So much so that I had to add an additional Saturday to accommodate everyone. Round 1 happened last weekend and was such fun. I love mini sessions because I get to take so many different types of photos in one morning. Thanks to all the families that came out!

C Family Special Edits 001

C Family Special Edits 004

C Family Special Edits 006

C Family Special Edits 009

C Family Special Edits 013

C Family Special Edits 015

C Family Special Edits 017

K Family Special Edits 002

K Family Special Edits 003

K Family Special Edits 004

K Family Special Edits 005

K Family Special Edits 009

K Family Special Edits 014

M Maternity Special Edits 001

M Maternity Special Edits 007

M Maternity Special Edits 013

M Maternity Special Edits 020

M Maternity Special Edits 021

M Maternity Special Edits 023

The Adventures of Henry!

Ya’ll. I love taking pictures of toddlers. Generally I plan ahead for portrait shoots, choosing a few locations for my little models. And generally, toddlers have their own plans, upping the cuteness factor to a level that I never could have achieved without their help. I have learned that it is best to let the adventure unfold as it may. Henry’s adventures involved cowboy boots, water fountains, trains, pigeons, and oh the cuteness!! Take a look 🙂

Henry Portraits Special Edits 001

Henry Portraits Special Edits 005

Henry Portraits Special Edits 006

Henry Portraits Special Edits 008

Henry Portraits Special Edits 013

Henry Portraits Special Edits 015

Henry Portraits Special Edits 018

Henry Portraits Special Edits 021

Henry Portraits Special Edits 022

Henry Portraits Special Edits 023

Henry Portraits Special Edits 025

Henry Portraits Special Edits 028

Henry Portraits Special Edits 029

Henry Portraits Special Edits 031

Henry Portraits Special Edits 032