R Family Mini Session

Ya’ll, little boys are the best. These two literally did not stop for air during our 20-minute mini session. And, if I do say so myself, all their playing led to some lovely and natural photos. Thanks for coming out to the mini sessions, R Family!

R Family-1

R Family-2

R Family-3

R Family-4

R Family-6

R Family-7

R Family-8

R Family-9

R Family-11

R Family-12

R Family-13

R Family-14

R Family-15

R Family-16

R Family-17

R Family-18

Film Friday: Brenham

Will Film Friday become a thing? We shall see. This week, though, I happen to have some lovely film photographs to post and it also happens to be Friday. So why not?

Last week, I took a little drive out to Brenham (home of fantastically delicious Blue Bell ice cream) toting both my Nikon n2020 AF (which I first tried out in this post) and my Yashica tl-electro, complete with brand new non-mercury batteries. I had my doubts as to whether the Yashica would be functional or clean (despite my best efforts, I still see lots of dust through the viewfinder). In addition, I had to learn to use the light meter, which is essentially just an LED indicator light providing rough clues about exposure to the photographer – quite a change from my Canon 5d Mark iii. In the end, though, it did quite well. I’m sure there was a fair amount of user error, which will hopefully decrease with a bit more practice. I guess we’ll find out when the next Film Friday roles around.


Yashica tl-electro:









Nikon n2020 AF:











First Foray into Film!

How’s that for alliteration right? So here’s the back story: my grandpa, sadly, passed away when I was a very little girl and I have only vague memories of him. As it turns out, though, he was quite the photographer. He had a homemade darkroom in the house during my mom’s childhood and even created a makeshift darkroom oversees so that he could develop pictures to send home during WWII. Well my mom recently dug his old cameras and equipment out of the closet and gave them to me to try out. Here is my first attempt with the “younger” of the two cameras – a Nikon N2020 AF. This camera came out in the 80s, so my grandpa would have only used it for the last few years of his life. Next up will be the Yashica TL-Electro, which is from the 70s. This one was a bit more complicated since it originally used mercury batteries which are, for obvious reasons, no longer sold in the US. But the replacements arrived in the mail today – wahoo! Hopefully I can take it out for a spin sometime this week. For now, here are a few of my faves from the N2020. Mostly shot at a small airport outside of Houston. Some in my home.