T Family Christmas Pictures

Mrs. T is one of my oldest friends. Check that, she is my oldest friend – approaching 3 decades ya’ll. So it is a delight for me to periodically photograph their family, especially their precious (quickly growing!) little guy. He was cracking me up during this shoot, giving me the sweetest combination of obedient smiles and mischievous grins. Check it out!

T Family 2015 01

T Family 2015 02

T Family 2015 03

T Family 2015 04

T Family 2015 05

T Family 2015 06

T Family 2015 07

T Family 2015 08

T Family 2015 09

T Family 2015 10

T Family 2015 11

T Family 2015 12

T Family 2015 13

Joint Mini Sessions – Cousins!

So this was a particularly fun mini session. We had back-to-back times reserved in an attempt to get some pics of these two sweet cousins 🙂 These kiddos were cracking me up because they were absolutely ALL boy (running, busy, dirty, laughing) and ALL girl (posing, calm, composed, smiling sweetly). The combo made for some precious photos, not to mention a particularly fun 40 minutes for the photographer. Take a look!

C and M Family Mini Session 01 C and M Family Mini Session 02 C and M Family Mini Session 03 C and M Family Mini Session 04 C and M Family Mini Session 05 C and M Family Mini Session 06 C and M Family Mini Session 07 C and M Family Mini Session 08 C and M Family Mini Session 09 C and M Family Mini Session 10 C and M Family Mini Session 11 C and M Family Mini Session 12 C and M Family Mini Session 13 C and M Family Mini Session 14

K Family Mini Session

I could not love this family more: my beautiful friend, her beautiful kids, and this time we even had a bonus – their beautiful auntie! It’s just fun to see these five together. There’s something really special about the bond between siblings and it was fun to see, not only the kiddos’ interactions, but also the sisters. Thanks for your friendship, K Family. Can I be an honorary sister please? 😉

K Family Mini Session 01 K Family Mini Session 02 K Family Mini Session 03 K Family Mini Session 04 K Family Mini Session 05 K Family Mini Session 06 K Family Mini Session 07 K Family Mini Session 08 K Family Mini Session 09 K Family Mini Session 10 K Family Mini Session 11 K Family Mini Session 12

T Family Mini Session

Okay get ready for a barrage of mini session posts! We had so much fun on South Blvd last weekend. It is not easy for a kiddo to get comfortable and smiley in a short 20-minute session, but the T family boys were little pros. And I cannot get over those matching plaid shirts. Cuteness overload!

T Family Mini Session 01 T Family Mini Session 02 T Family Mini Session 03 T Family Mini Session 04 T Family Mini Session 05 T Family Mini Session 06 T Family Mini Session 07 T Family Mini Session 08 T Family Mini Session 09 T Family Mini Session 10 T Family Mini Session 11 T Family Mini Session 12

Baby G 1-Year Portraits

2 years ago, I had the honor of photographing this sweet baby girl. What a treat it was, then, to photograph her little brother who is turning 1! This shoot really could not have gone better. For one thing, his parents were ultra-prepared, from clothes to props to extra lighting in the nursery (a photographer’s dream!). On top of all that, Baby G just hammed it up for the full hour – smiling and laughing and playing with his airplanes. I could not have asked for a better little model. Take a look:

Baby G Portraits 01 Baby G Portraits 02 Baby G Portraits 03 Baby G Portraits 04 Baby G Portraits 05 Baby G Portraits 06 Baby G Portraits 07 Baby G Portraits 08 Baby G Portraits 09 Baby G Portraits 10 Baby G Portraits 11 Baby G Portraits 12 Baby G Portraits 13 Baby G Portraits 14 Baby G Portraits 15 Baby G Portraits 16 Baby G Portraits 17 Baby G Portraits 18 Baby G Portraits 19 Baby G Portraits 20 Baby G Portraits 21

L Family on South

Well the stars aligned for this sweet family session. Our location on South Blvd was (as usual) lovely and the morning light was GORGEOUS. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Baby L was precious, happy, and ready for his close-up 🙂 Thanks for sharing your Saturday morning with me, L Family!

L Family Blog 01 L Family Blog 02 L Family Blog 03 L Family Blog 04 L Family Blog 05 L Family Blog 06 L Family Blog 07 L Family Blog 08 L Family Blog 09 L Family Blog 10 L Family Blog 11 L Family Blog 12 L Family Blog 13 L Family Blog 14 L Family Blog 15 L Family Blog 16 L Family Blog 17 L Family Blog 18

Welcome Baby Joseph!

Two weeks ago, my heart got a little bigger when my newest nephew was born. Baby Joseph, as it turns out, is just a delightful human (much like his parents and siblings). And this Mother’s Day week, I am feeling very grateful for my sweet sister-in-law, who is such a fantastic momma to these kids who I love so dearly. Happy (late) Mother’s Day!

Baby Joseph Newborns-19 Baby Joseph Newborns-26 Baby Joseph Newborns-30 Baby Joseph Newborns-32 Baby Joseph Newborns-34 Baby Joseph Newborns-38 Baby Joseph Newborns-41 Baby Joseph Newborns-45 Baby Joseph Newborns-50 Baby Joseph Newborns-53 Baby Joseph Newborns-59 Baby Joseph Newborns-63 Baby Joseph Newborns-67 Baby Joseph Newborns-68 Baby Joseph Newborns-72

V Family Mini Session

Okay I might have a new favorite location. For this spring’s mini sessions, I went to the lovely brick walkway on South Blvd. Yes it is a median in a residential area. And yes, it is totally beautiful. I can’t get over the size of those oak trees! And of course it doesn’t hurt that the V Family is also beautiful :-). Little Knox is a pro in front of the camera (remember when he was this little?). We got a TON of photos in our short session. As always, V Family, it was a delight!

V Family 01 V Family 02 V Family 03 V Family 04 V Family 05 V Family 06 V Family 07 V Family 08 V Family 09 V Family 10

Bentley is 2!

Old friends are precious ya’ll. I have been so lucky to have a number of friendships that have stood the test of time. Bentley’s mom is a great friend of mine from college who now lives close-by once again. And as a result, I got to join in the fun at Bentley’s Brown Bear Birthday Bash!! There was so much fun to be had, it was tough to decide what to enjoy first. From the cute decorations to the bubble machine to the bouncy castle to the beautiful cake, that little boy was in two-year-old heaven. Such a fun day celebrating a sweet boy 🙂

B's 2nd Birthday 01 B's 2nd Birthday 02 B's 2nd Birthday 03 B's 2nd Birthday 04 B's 2nd Birthday 05 B's 2nd Birthday 06 B's 2nd Birthday 07 B's 2nd Birthday 08 B's 2nd Birthday 09 B's 2nd Birthday 10 B's 2nd Birthday 11 B's 2nd Birthday 12 B's 2nd Birthday 13 B's 2nd Birthday 14 B's 2nd Birthday 15 B's 2nd Birthday 16 B's 2nd Birthday 17 B's 2nd Birthday 18 B's 2nd Birthday 19 B's 2nd Birthday 20 B's 2nd Birthday 21 B's 2nd Birthday 22 B's 2nd Birthday 23 B's 2nd Birthday 24 B's 2nd Birthday 25 B's 2nd Birthday 26

B Family in Hermann Park

It is finally spring in Houston! And along with the rising temperatures, we have had a sloppy month (which is good and bad for photo shoots – muddy locations but lovely light). The B Family was so gracious on a wet Saturday morning, trudging through Hermann Park after a heavy storm. And the resulting photos are just precious! Their son was totally ready and willing to interact with his surroundings, which made it a joy to follow him and watch his reactions through my lens. He was especially excited about the train, the ducks, the playground, and (best of all) his very own pup. Thanks so much for braving the mud with me B Family! Enjoy!

B Family-6 B Family-8 B Family-13 B Family-14 B Family-15 B Family-16 B Family-18 B Family-22 B Family-26 B Family-38 B Family-42 B Family-43 B Family-46