Zoe Kitty

It’s not often that I get the chance to do pet photography. But I believe pets can be a huge part of their humans’ lives. I have always loved my own pets (which have ranged from cats and dogs to horses and lambs) and have so valued the role they have played in my life. So I was quite sad when one of my friends called recently to let me know that her precious pet of 10 years, her cat Zoe, was diagnosed with cancer by the vet. Since Zoe is still active and seems to feel pretty good, she wanted to get a few photos of her acting like her normal kittenish self. We also got a few of her housemate Zack, a big ole Siamese cat with blue eyes. I had such a fun day in the life of Zoe and Zack. And am hoping for many more good days like this in Zoe’s future.

Zoe V 11 Zoe V 10 Zoe V 09 Zoe V 08 Zoe V 07 Zoe V 06 Zoe V 05 Zoe V 04 Zoe V 03 Zoe V 02 Zoe V 01