First Foray into Film!

How’s that for alliteration right? So here’s the back story: my grandpa, sadly, passed away when I was a very little girl and I have only vague memories of him. As it turns out, though, he was quite the photographer. He had a homemade darkroom in the house during my mom’s childhood and even created a makeshift darkroom oversees so that he could develop pictures to send home during WWII. Well my mom recently dug his old cameras and equipment out of the closet and gave them to me to try out. Here is my first attempt with the “younger” of the two cameras – a Nikon N2020 AF. This camera came out in the 80s, so my grandpa would have only used it for the last few years of his life. Next up will be the Yashica TL-Electro, which is from the 70s. This one was a bit more complicated since it originally used mercury batteries which are, for obvious reasons, no longer sold in the US. But the replacements arrived in the mail today – wahoo! Hopefully I can take it out for a spin sometime this week. For now, here are a few of my faves from the N2020. Mostly shot at a small airport outside of Houston. Some in my home.