S Family in the Botanical Gardens

So, if you can remember back far enough, you will recall that my very first photo shoot on this blog was Baby Ellie at the Botanical Gardens. As symmetry would have it, I just got to photograph Baby Ellie again in what may very well be Sarah Sue Photography’s last photo shoot in St. Louis! Yes, I am moving and will soon be taking pictures in Texas rather than Missouri (so spread the word to your Houston-area friends!). I cannot think of a better final shoot here in the Lou than a beautiful family in a beautiful garden. This shoot just happened to take place on Ellie’s second birthday and… her little brother was able to join in as well! This was my first chance to meet Baby Calvin and he was every bit as sweet as his big sister.

S Part 2 004-1

S Part 2 026-1

S Part 2 037-1

S Part 2 041-1

S Part 2 047-1

S Part 2 049-1

S Part 2 050-1

S Part 2 053-1

S Part 2 054-1

S Part 2 061-1

S Part 2 073-1

S Part 2 074-1

S Part 2 080-1

S Part 2 081-1

S Part 2 088-1


Snow in the Botanical Gardens

We had a snow day in St Louis on thursday! And that means I took a snowy walk through the Botanical Gardens on friday. What a beautiful morning! My friend and I managed to make it to the gardens while the snow was still fresh and undisturbed, making for pristine and peaceful landscapes. Although there are days when this Texas girl misses year-round warmth, beauty like this makes me truly appreciate the four seasons. I took these photos in the Japanese, Chinese, and Ottoman Gardens. Obviously I did not photograph myself, that photo credit goes to my friend Amber (thanks friend!).























Baby Penelope is 1 year old!

Last time I saw the C family was last spring and I just loved photographing them and their precious daughter, Penelope (those pictures are here). So I was thrilled when they expressed interest in a mini session this fall. Penelope is now almost a year old and is cuter than ever, if that is even possible. This sweet girl was so friendly and ready to share her delightful smiles. With her pink bow and coat, she looked right at home in the rose garden ūüôā


















S Family Mini Session

I guess every photographer has certain things that they love to photograph. I have quite a few – tall grass (random I know), beautiful buildings, and red hair, to name just a few. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that the littlest member of the S Family has gorgeous red hair. And, on top of being photogenic, he was super patient with the demands of a photoshoot – having to pose and smile even when there were so many fun places to play. Thanks, S Family, for spending your Saturday morning with me at the garden!












L Family Mini Session

It’s that time of year again – time for mini-sessions! I was afraid that we might get rained out this year but, luckily for all involved, there were plenty of lovely clouds but no rain at all. I had each family meet me at the Missouri Botanical Garden, this time in the Lehmann Rose Garden. I have to insert here that I am seriously amazed at the perpetual beauty of the Botanical Garden. No sooner has one area started to wilt than another area reaches its peak. I mean, this is just not a very pretty time of year. It’s the tail-end of fall so a lot of the leaves are gone, few flowers are blooming, the weather is icky. But the rose garden was just perfect – roses of so many different colors, lined with big beautiful trees on all sides. As a person who kills plants effortlessly, I do not know how they do it. I tip my hat to the MoBot gardeners. And as soon as you add a precious baby to the mix, beautiful photos abound (see how I got back on topic there? ūüôā ). So without further ado, take a look at the first family in the mini-session lineup – the L family.

H Family at the Gardens

The last of the mini-sessions but certainly not least Рmy dear friends the H Family!  I have had the pleasure of photographing Hunter before little Adelyn was born, so it was lots of fun to now see the two of them together.  Hunter is already able to make his little sister smile at the drop of a hat.  Thanks, H Family, for hanging out with me at the Botanical Gardens!

Baby Athos at the Garden

The mini sessions continue! ¬†I have been looking forward to taking pictures of baby Athos and his family for awhile now. ¬†His big beautiful eyes are just mesmerizing. ¬†And the timing for our shoot was perfect because now he is about to be a big brother! ¬†I’m so excited for this sweet family to welcome their new addition ūüôā

M Family

So… I love the M family. ¬†Mrs. M is a friend from school and she and her husband are just one of those couples that you want to hang out with. ¬†Trust me, you do. ¬†It must be genetic because those M kids are too much fun. ¬†They did not seem the least bit concerned about having a big ole camera pointed at them. ¬†They just did their own thing and hammed it up!

The W Family

Remember the precious pink-icing pic that won the Photogenic Personality Contest in¬†this post? ¬†I now proudly present the winners! ¬†The W Family met me at the Botanical Gardens for some couples portraits as well as a few head shots for Mrs W’s business. ¬†I had such fun chatting with these two. ¬†Plus they were really good in front of the camera – able to be serious, sweet, or silly on command, which makes the photographer’s job super easy. ¬†I just snapped away!

K Family at the Botanical Gardens

This morning I got to hang out with the K family at the MoBot and I’m not going to lie, I was a little concerned about the weather. ¬†Missouri weather is so weird! ¬†First it got really warm and all the flowers bloomed. ¬†Then it got hot and the flowers started to die. ¬†Then it rained a lot and started to get cold again – wha?! ¬†So I was not sure what to expect when I arrived at the Botanical Gardens this morning. ¬†But, as I should have known, there was nothing to worry about. ¬†Those gardeners must have green thumbs or magic beans or whatever it is that makes gardens awesome. ¬†And the two adorable K girls just fit right in with the scenery – beautiful and energetic ūüôā