M Family Bluebonnet Mini

Next up in our bluebonnet lineup – the M Family! Not gonna lie, I had a lot of fun with these kiddos. Big sister wanted to play in our lovely flower field and gave me some fantastic candid moments. And little brother’s eyes matched the bluebonnets – need I say more?

M Family 01

M Family 02

M Family 03

M Family 04

M Family 05

M Family 06

M Family 07

M Family 08

M Family 09

M Family 10

K Family Mini Session

Okay here we go with the bluebonnet minis! Ya’ll I am feeling super proud of myself for scheduling these mini sessions at a time when the flowers were SO beautiful. Maybe I have a future in flower prediction (is that a thing?). Ultimately though, it’s those kiddos that make the shoot. And what a precious turnout I had this year. Feast your eyes on the K family…

K Family 01

K Family 02

K Family 03

K Family 04

K Family 05

K Family 06

K Family 07

K Family 08

K Family 09

K Family 10

What I like about Texas…

It’s funny what happens when you live somewhere your whole life – that place makes up the air you breathe. It seems totally normal, uninteresting, mundane. But when you leave, all of a sudden home becomes fascinating, interesting, worth talking about. During my years in St Louis, I tried to explain the beauty, nay the glory of my beloved Texas. I had a few enthusiastic listeners but they were outnumbered by the eye rollers (“you Texans“). But now that I am back in my home state, I am soaking in those things that seemed so mundane before. Here are just a few of the things that I have loved about Texas over the last couple of weeks…

The storms and views in the Hill Country:


Rodeo clothes:


Rodeo events:


Rodeo food:


And rodeo… miscellaneous:



The beautiful view of the Houston skyline from Buffalo Bayou:




Spring bluebonnets:




The Kite Festival at Hermann Park:





Stay tuned. My love affair with my home state has only just begun…

T Family in the bluebonnets

Ya’ll what could possibly be better than a morning spent with three generations in the bluebonnets? I had such fun hanging out with the extended T Family. One of the T ladies was a former roommate of mine and I have been waiting patiently to meet her beautiful daughter. These kiddos did not disappoint – they smiled and played and generally made those gorgeous flowers look even better 🙂 Thanks also, T Family, for choosing this beautiful location! I cannot wait to return to this spot for more spring portraits.

T Portraits Special Edits 001

T Portraits Special Edits 003

T Portraits Special Edits 006

T Portraits Special Edits 008

T Portraits Special Edits 012

T Portraits Special Edits 018

T Portraits Special Edits 021

T Portraits Special Edits 034

T Portraits Special Edits 037

T Portraits Special Edits 040

T Portraits Special Edits 046

T Portraits Special Edits 054

T Portraits Special Edits 058

T Portraits Special Edits 062

T Portraits Special Edits 064

T Portraits Special Edits 080

T Portraits Special Edits 091

T Portraits Special Edits 097