G-Man’s “One in a Minion” Party

This is another one of those families that is incredibly special to me and I am honored to now be a part of their little G-man’s life. If you’ll remember, I did a newborn shoot of this guy and then a 1-year birthday last December. I cannot believe that this guy is now such a grown up 2-year old! Check out his redheaded preciousness (and his minion friends). *Note: I obviously did not take that first photo but I had to include one of me (a.k.a. Auntie RahRah) with the birthday boy.

G Second Bday 01

G Second Bday 02

G Second Bday 03

G Second Bday 04

G Second Bday 05

G Second Bday 06

G Second Bday 07

G Second Bday 08

G Second Bday 09

G Second Bday 10

G Second Bday 11

G Second Bday 12

Bentley is 2!

Old friends are precious ya’ll. I have been so lucky to have a number of friendships that have stood the test of time. Bentley’s mom is a great friend of mine from college who now lives close-by once again. And as a result, I got to join in the fun at Bentley’s Brown Bear Birthday Bash!! There was so much fun to be had, it was tough to decide what to enjoy first. From the cute decorations to the bubble machine to the bouncy castle to the beautiful cake, that little boy was in two-year-old heaven. Such a fun day celebrating a sweet boy 🙂

B's 2nd Birthday 01 B's 2nd Birthday 02 B's 2nd Birthday 03 B's 2nd Birthday 04 B's 2nd Birthday 05 B's 2nd Birthday 06 B's 2nd Birthday 07 B's 2nd Birthday 08 B's 2nd Birthday 09 B's 2nd Birthday 10 B's 2nd Birthday 11 B's 2nd Birthday 12 B's 2nd Birthday 13 B's 2nd Birthday 14 B's 2nd Birthday 15 B's 2nd Birthday 16 B's 2nd Birthday 17 B's 2nd Birthday 18 B's 2nd Birthday 19 B's 2nd Birthday 20 B's 2nd Birthday 21 B's 2nd Birthday 22 B's 2nd Birthday 23 B's 2nd Birthday 24 B's 2nd Birthday 25 B's 2nd Birthday 26

Happy Birthday Christopher!

It seems like just yesterday that Baby Christopher looked like this! And now he is a year old!! This is one busy little guy ya’ll – crawling at top speed, perusing his toys, and waving at the cutest moments (including at his birthday candle – one of my favorite pics below 🙂 ). I was honored and so happy to be included in this special birthday celebration. Some of my very favorite people, right here…

Christopher's 1st Birthday-19 Christopher's 1st Birthday-26 Christopher's 1st Birthday-36 Christopher's 1st Birthday-38 Christopher's 1st Birthday-39 Christopher's 1st Birthday-47 Christopher's 1st Birthday-50 Christopher's 1st Birthday-51 Christopher's 1st Birthday-52 Christopher's 1st Birthday-53 Christopher's 1st Birthday-64 Christopher's 1st Birthday-78 Christopher's 1st Birthday-88

The G Man is 1!

My very favorite redhead just turned 1 year old! I can hardly believe it. This kid is sweet, funny, active… in short, a delight. His cookie monster birthday party was a smashing success and I loved every minute of it. Plus, as a little party favor for his admirers, he began walking the week of his birthday!! Love you, G Man!

G Bday 03 G Bday 02 G Bday 01

G Bday 05 G Bday 04

G Bday 06

G Bday 07

G Bday 08 G Bday 09 G Bday 10 G Bday 11 G Bday 12 G Bday 13