Baby Athos at the Garden

The mini sessions continue!  I have been looking forward to taking pictures of baby Athos and his family for awhile now.  His big beautiful eyes are just mesmerizing.  And the timing for our shoot was perfect because now he is about to be a big brother!  I’m so excited for this sweet family to welcome their new addition 🙂

L Family at the Gardens

We are now in the thick of spring mini sessions and up to this point they have been super fun!  The L family was clearly very excited about the upcoming addition to their family.  I have no doubt that their two sweet boys are going to be amazing big brothers.  They already get along together so well.  I couldn’t believe how good they were at entertaining themselves – the garden was their playground and they had the smiles to prove it 🙂

Mr and Mrs Smith are having a baby!

My friends the Smiths are expecting!  And if I do say so myself, Mrs Smith is looking absolutely beautiful.  Thankfully the weather cooperated with us this time around and we got to enjoy the lovely flowers in Forest Park.  On days like this, God’s goodness feels so tangible.  It just does not get better than babies and flowers on a warm spring day!

Happy Birthday Noah!

Noah is having a big month – he just celebrated his second birthday AND his little brother is almost here!  This little guy is (clearly) adorable and so so cooperative.  He actually got happier as the shoot went on.  Rather than melting down, his smile just got bigger and bigger.  What a fun morning – this did not feel like work at all.  I can’t wait to take pics of little brother in the near future!

Chris and Liz Maternity Photos

My friends Chris and Liz are having a baby!  In fact, he will be arriving any day now – I cannot wait to pinch this little guy’s cheeks.  We took our photos around the Jewel Box at Forest Park and the light was so so gorgeous.  Can I just say one more time how much I love fall in St Louis?  I LOVE fall in St Louis.  Congratulations friends!  I know you are going to be amazing parents.

Fall Mini Portrait Sessions

Last weekend, I held my second installment of mini portrait sessions at Covenant Seminary and it was another great success!  Check out the spring session in this post.  As a Texas girl, I’m still getting used to actually having seasons and I just LOVE fall.  Who needs props when you have gorgeous leaves all over the place?  The kids seemed to like it too because everyone was smiling.  I know that seems like no big deal but fifteen minutes really isn’t much time to get used to a stranger with a gigantic camera.  These kids were so brave and outgoing!  Thanks to all the families who came out – here’s a sneak peak of your photos…

Baby Showers!

What’s been going on since my last post, you ask?  Baby showers!  I have to say, these celebrations have gotten me pretty excited about all the babies that are about to be born.  So excited that I’ve already started crocheting cozy props for newborn shoots.  I cannot wait for these little ones to make an appearance!

B Family Belly Pics

These pictures are really special to me because… that baby bump is my nephew!  I had so much fun hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law this past week as they got ready for little Benjamin to make his grand appearance.  Big sister Bekah is already talking about holding the baby and changing his diaper.  I seriously cannot get enough of that sweet, funny girl.  She is going to be a wonderful big sis.  I love you B Family!