L Family on South

Well the stars aligned for this sweet family session. Our location on South Blvd was (as usual) lovely and the morning light was GORGEOUS. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Baby L was precious, happy, and ready for his close-up 🙂 Thanks for sharing your Saturday morning with me, L Family!

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B Family 4th Birthday Portraits

What a treat to get to hang out with this cutie on the morning before her 4th birthday! And to top off the fun, I couldn’t believe how lovely the Arboretum was after our long, hot summer. Not only did we see LOTS of lovely flowers, we also had a visit from a friendly bunny and a shy turtle. Love this place and the smiles it brings out of the little ones!

B Family 01 B Family 02 B Family 03 B Family 04 B Family 05 B Family 06 B Family 07 B Family 08

Sarah Sue’s Hiking Adventure in the Alps!

I realize I have been pretty MIA this summer. That has been partly due to the INTENSE Texas heat. We are talking “feels like 109” sort of thing. Who wants photos in that sort of weather? Sweaty people, that’s who. But aside from the heat (and much more fun), I have also been traveling this summer! A couple of weeks ago, I returned from hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc – a 100ish mile trek that circles Mont Blanc, traveling through France, Italy, and Switzerland. I brought along my big ole camera because… how could I not? These views were quite possibly once-in-a-lifetime sights. Lugging the camera each day was a small price to pay for a record of this incredible experience.

So here’s how it went: Each day we got up early, assembled our gear, and headed “up up up” (as our chipper guide told us). Most days our goal was to climb up to a mountain pass, traverse for a bit along a flat ridge, and then descend into the next valley. And let me tell you – I developed a much healthier respect for mountain hiking after just one day of this routine. Because, as it turns out, this trek is both beautiful and PAINFUL. My muscles and my feet screamed at me every day and I considered quitting more than once. As the days wore on, though, I began to discover that the views were worth the pain. Life lessons right? More on that another time… In the meantime, enjoy the sights!

_I0A2075 _I0A2083 _I0A2171 _I0A2248 _I0A2274 _I0A2307 _I0A2308 _I0A2309 _I0A2312 _I0A2329 _I0A2338 _I0A2348 _I0A2355 _I0A2358 _I0A2365 _I0A2376 _I0A2398 _I0A2426 _I0A2442 _I0A2464 _I0A2483 _I0A2490 _I0A2494 _I0A2499 _I0A2509 _I0A2511 _I0A2545 _I0A2559 _I0A2560 _I0A2565 _I0A2570 _I0A2574 _I0A2576 _I0A2580 _I0A2585 _I0A2587 _I0A2588 _I0A2592 _I0A2616 _I0A2617 _I0A2619 _I0A2632 _I0A2641 _I0A2655 _I0A2661 _I0A2664 _I0A2688 _I0A2697 _I0A2712 _I0A2723 _I0A2733 _I0A2747 _I0A2760 _I0A2799 _I0A2804 _I0A2825 _I0A2840 _I0A2867 _I0A2869 _I0A2887 _I0A2898 _I0A2914 _I0A2923 _I0A2924 _I0A2933

Daniel and Alix are Married!

I just love getting to participate in big events in the lives of my family members. So this Daniel fella is my cousin and he has married the lovely Alix! I had the privilege of visiting them in Austin and going to some of their favorite locations around town for a little wedding shoot. Oddly enough, although I am a native Texan, I have spent very little time in A-town. So it was a special treat for lots of reasons to hang out with these two in their city. Thanks for your hospitality and your pretty/handsome faces, Alix and Daniel!

Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 01 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 02 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 03 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 04 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 05 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 06 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 07 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 08 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 09 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 10 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 11 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 12 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 13 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 14 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 15 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 16 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 17 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 18 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 19 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 20 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 21 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 22 Daniel and Alex Wedding Portraits 23


I enjoy thinking about “the human experience” (surprise surprise, counselor lady) and spend my days talking to people about the ups and downs of their lives. Often my photography serves as an escape for me into the lighter, more beautiful or sweet or adorable sides of life. But I believe there is also reason to photograph the darkness. I took these particular photos years ago and am currently not grieving. But I pull them out periodically and find great comfort in reminding myself of what my grief looked like. I began simply wanting to destroy… or at least render something unrecognizable. I wanted to take the chaos that was churning inside of me and impose it on the world around me. After debating the usual possibilities (shave my head? get tattoos? go skydiving?), I decided to… paint my apartment. And what began as a (feeble) attempt at destruction slowly changed into an act of creation. What started out literally in darkness (I couldn’t sleep and began painting only at night) was found by light. I am beginning to think that, out of all life’s travails, grief comes closest to looking and feeling like pure chaos. Our moments of grief are the ones when we begin to think that the center cannot hold. And yet we have reason to hope. Perhaps we should tell our stories of grief a bit more often. In my experience, the chaos doesn’t win.

Chaos and Creation 001 Chaos and Creation 002 Chaos and Creation 004 Chaos and Creation 005 Chaos and Creation 006 Chaos and Creation 007 Chaos and Creation 008 Chaos and Creation 009 Chaos and Creation 010 Chaos and Creation 011 Chaos and Creation 012 Chaos and Creation 013 Chaos and Creation 015 Chaos and Creation 18 Chaos and Creation 20 Chaos and Creation 21 Chaos and Creation 22 Chaos and Creation 23 Chaos and Creation 24 Chaos and Creation 26 Chaos and Creation 28

Take heart.

Happy (Late) Father’s Day!

I love that we have a day to celebrate Dads. I can speak for myself in saying that my Dad has earned my deep love and admiration and I am thankful there is a day when I have an excuse to remind him of that. This year, I had the fun job of taking a couple of kiddo photos as Father’s Day gifts. I wasn’t able to post them until now because they were (shhhhh) a surprise. So now I have the freedom to say Happy Belated Father’s Day to the daddies of these little ones 🙂

Father's Day 01 Father's Day 02 Father's Day 03 Father's Day 04

Zoe Kitty

It’s not often that I get the chance to do pet photography. But I believe pets can be a huge part of their humans’ lives. I have always loved my own pets (which have ranged from cats and dogs to horses and lambs) and have so valued the role they have played in my life. So I was quite sad when one of my friends called recently to let me know that her precious pet of 10 years, her cat Zoe, was diagnosed with cancer by the vet. Since Zoe is still active and seems to feel pretty good, she wanted to get a few photos of her acting like her normal kittenish self. We also got a few of her housemate Zack, a big ole Siamese cat with blue eyes. I had such a fun day in the life of Zoe and Zack. And am hoping for many more good days like this in Zoe’s future.

Zoe V 11 Zoe V 10 Zoe V 09 Zoe V 08 Zoe V 07 Zoe V 06 Zoe V 05 Zoe V 04 Zoe V 03 Zoe V 02 Zoe V 01

New Packaging!

This summer, Sarah Sue Photography will be four years old (can you believe it?!). So when I recently began running low on CDs and jewel cases, I decided it was high time to upgrade my packaging. A huge piece of this decision is my recent purchase of a new printer!! With this baby, I am basically now a self-contained photographer/designer/print shop. I am able to make customer prints in-house, giving me total artistic control of my product from beginning to end. This is helpful in my recent attempts to branch out into the realm of fine art photography (more on that another day) as well as my ability to create pretty packaging for my customers. All of the inserts, tags, and logos were designed and printed by yours truly. So without further ado, feast your eyes! Next time you place an order with Sarah Sue Photography, this is the delightful gift you can expect to receive in the mail:

_I0A9386 _I0A9389 _I0A9393 _I0A9395

Welcome Baby Joseph!

Two weeks ago, my heart got a little bigger when my newest nephew was born. Baby Joseph, as it turns out, is just a delightful human (much like his parents and siblings). And this Mother’s Day week, I am feeling very grateful for my sweet sister-in-law, who is such a fantastic momma to these kids who I love so dearly. Happy (late) Mother’s Day!

Baby Joseph Newborns-19 Baby Joseph Newborns-26 Baby Joseph Newborns-30 Baby Joseph Newborns-32 Baby Joseph Newborns-34 Baby Joseph Newborns-38 Baby Joseph Newborns-41 Baby Joseph Newborns-45 Baby Joseph Newborns-50 Baby Joseph Newborns-53 Baby Joseph Newborns-59 Baby Joseph Newborns-63 Baby Joseph Newborns-67 Baby Joseph Newborns-68 Baby Joseph Newborns-72