Three Generations of the G Family!

Family is a big deal. This is always the case but it becomes especially apparent around the holidays. So it was truly a pleasure and a privilege to get to photograph the entire G Family – three sisters, their parents, husbands, and children. 18 people in all, including the baby who just turned 1. And what a cooperative group! These kiddos were more than willing to pose, smile, and be bossed around by the photographer for an hour. Thanks G Family!

G Family 01

G Family 02

G Family 03

G Family 04

G Family 05

G Family 06

G Family 07

G Family 08

G Family 09

G Family 10

G Family 11

G Family 12

G Family 13

G Family 14

G Family 15

G Family 16

G Family 17

G Family 18

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