S Family Mini Session

Well, it turns out that the mini session date was perfect timing for the S Family, since Baby James just turned 1! It was so great to get to see these guys. I went to college with Mrs. S but have not seen her in forever. This was my first chance to meet their sweet boy. Thanks, ya’ll, for turning up bright and early to catch the morning light in the park!

S Family Mini Session-1

S Family Mini Session-2

S Family Mini Session-3

S Family Mini Session-4

S Family Mini Session-5

S Family Mini Session-6

S Family Mini Session-7

S Family Mini Session-8

S Family Mini Session-9

S Family Mini Session-10

S Family Mini Session-11

S Family Mini Session-12

S Family Mini Session-13

S Family Mini Session-14

S Family Mini Session-15

S Family Mini Session-16

S Family Mini Session-17

S Family Mini Session-18


One response

  1. HI Sarah, You did a S mini session of my son (Kent Scott) and his wife (Katie Olson Scott) and their one year old son (James Henry Scott). I’d like to order some photos from you but I’m not sure how to tell you which photos and the sized since the mini session photos are not labeled or numbered.

    Amy Scott

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