Baby Jonah has arrived!

This little fella has been eagerly awaited and even after he was born, Auntie Sarah had to wait 6 weeks to meet him (torture). Let me tell you, he did not disappoint. I am in love with this sweet boy. No surprise, since his mama has been one of my very best friends for the last decade and his daddy is such a good guy. I can’t wait for my next visit – gotta stock up on those Jonah snuggles as often as possible. Thanks for letting me take your picture, friends!

Jonah Newborns B&W-54

Jonah Newborns-3

Jonah Newborns-11

Jonah Newborns-26

Jonah Newborns-40

Jonah Newborns-42

Jonah Newborns-44

Jonah Newborns-45

Jonah Newborns-46

Jonah Newborns-49

Jonah Newborns-53

Jonah Newborns-56

Jonah Newborns-61

Jonah Newborns-63

Jonah Newborns-65

Jonah Newborns-66

Jonah Newborns-69

Jonah Newborns-72

Jonah Newborns-74

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