Santa Fe Photography Workshop

Last week was fantastic. For my summer vacation, I spent several days visiting friends in St Louis (and managed to squeeze in a newborn session – more about that soon!) and then relocated to Santa Fe for an absolutely incredible photography workshop. Our instructor was the legendary photographer Joe McNally. I have to pinch myself to believe that I really did get to learn from that guy for 4 days. We covered the gambit, from camera basics to advanced lighting techniques. Joe encouraged us to focus on crafting high-quality photos straight from the camera, with only minimal post-processing. So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite shots…

Assignment 1: Santa Fe

Geo Workshop-1

Geo Workshop-2

Geo Workshop-3

Geo Workshop-4

Geo Workshop-5

Geo Workshop-6

Assignment 2: Ghost Ranch (Georgia O’Keeffe country!)

Geo Workshop-7

Geo Workshop-8

Geo Workshop-9

Geo Workshop-10

Geo Workshop-11

Geo Workshop-12

Geo Workshop-13

Geo Workshop-14

Assignment 3: Eaves Movie Ranch (Ever seen The Cheyenne Social Club? Or Wyatt Earp? They were filmed here along with a slew of other Westerns. And yes, I know that my model is in the jail with his gun and with the doors open. We decided that he is seeking revenge on the sheriff, and is waiting to ambush him at the jail. All in good dramatic movie fashion.)

Geo Workshop-15

Geo Workshop-16

Geo Workshop-17

Geo Workshop-18

Geo Workshop-19

Geo Workshop-20

Geo Workshop-21

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