L Family Portraits



Ya’ll, I love taking pictures of kiddos. These three were so so sweet during their photo shoot. Even though the older two really wanted to ride their toy cars around on the porch, they patiently sat and waited to break out the cars until we were done. Not only that, they happily chatted about school and friends and Halloween costumes – such fun for the photographer 🙂 And little Chloe just could not have been cuter. She proudly showed off her four teeth and gorgeous blue eyes. Thanks for the sweet smiles, L Family!

L Family 003


L Family 016

L Family 020

L Family 023

L Family 042

L Family 063

L Family 064

L Family 070

L Family Special Edits 002

L Family Special Edits 005

L Family Special Edits 006

L Family Special Edits 010

L Family Special Edits 015

L Family Special Edits 018

L Family Special Edits 022

L Family Special Edits 023

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