Baby Ruby

This was a shoot that I actually did a couple of months ago, right after my friends were blessed with the birth of their daughter Ruby who entered their lives through adoption. It was beautiful to see the loving bond that already exists between Ruby and her parents, not to mention her proud big sister. This pretty girl was such fun to photograph – even when she was awake, she was posing for me! Thank you, M Family, for allowing me to capture some of these early moments as a family of four!

Ruby Special Edits 002

Ruby Special Edits 006

Ruby Special Edits 007

Ruby Special Edits 014

Ruby Special Edits 017

Ruby Special Edits 021

Ruby Special Edits 023

Ruby Special Edits 030

Ruby Special Edits 036

Ruby Special Edits 039

Ruby Special Edits 040

Ruby Special Edits 047


One response

  1. Sarah, that photo where Ruby is looking up right in her Mama’s eyes is TO DIE FOR! Way to catch a special moment 🙂
    Miss you!

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