S Family in the Botanical Gardens

So, if you can remember back far enough, you will recall that my very first photo shoot on this blog was Baby Ellie at the Botanical Gardens. As symmetry would have it, I just got to photograph Baby Ellie again in what may very well be Sarah Sue Photography’s last photo shoot in St. Louis! Yes, I am moving and will soon be taking pictures in Texas rather than Missouri (so spread the word to your Houston-area friends!). I cannot think of a better final shoot here in the Lou than a beautiful family in a beautiful garden. This shoot just happened to take place on Ellie’s second birthday and… her little brother was able to join in as well! This was my first chance to meet Baby Calvin and he was every bit as sweet as his big sister.

S Part 2 004-1

S Part 2 026-1

S Part 2 037-1

S Part 2 041-1

S Part 2 047-1

S Part 2 049-1

S Part 2 050-1

S Part 2 053-1

S Part 2 054-1

S Part 2 061-1

S Part 2 073-1

S Part 2 074-1

S Part 2 080-1

S Part 2 081-1

S Part 2 088-1



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