Sarah Sue’s Tales of NYC Street Art

I will never claim to be edgy. I go by Sarah Sue and love nothing better than taking pictures of babies and flowers. But… I think graffiti is beautiful. Legal/moral debates aside, there is something about color and creativity bursting out of the concrete jungle that I really love. So when I took a trip with a friend to New York City back in 2010, I found myself taking lots of photos of street art. But because I am so entirely un-edgy, I had no idea whether I was photographing anything artistically significant. Luckily, I have friends who are much more culturally attuned than I. And, as it turns out, I saw this:

Random 7

Random 8

If you saw the movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” you may recognize the entrance to the Mr. Brainwash show in the Meat Packing District. True street art or elaborate ruse? I have no idea. You can read about it here and here and decide for yourself. Either way, I’m happy that we wandered past.

Then there was this:

Random 11


I took a picture of this subway entrance for the sole reason that I thought “elbowtoe” was an odd and therefore hilarious combination of body parts. As it turns out though, this guy is a street artist by the name of Brian Adam Douglas, a.k.a. Elbowtoe (read about him here).

So in retrospect, we saw some fun and interesting art on the streets of NYC. And with these new discoveries, I wonder what else I captured unwittingly. Anybody out there in the blogosphere have some info on the street art gems pictured below?

Random 10 

Fire Escapes 3

Random 1



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