Photogenic Personality Contest

I am giving away a free mini portrait session to one lucky Covenant student, professor, or alum (details about the mini portrait sessions have been sent out via CovLove).  I want to see photos that provide a glimpse of true personality.  This does not have to be a picture of you!  You can send in pics of your kids, significant others, friends, or even pets.  This is not a contest for highest-quality photo.  The subject is the important part!

Silly, nerdy, toting a camera - this about sums me up

To enter, simply email your photos (limit 2 entries per family) to:

contact at sarahsuephotography dot com

If you would like to include a caption with your photo, please include it in the email.  I will post all entry photos on my blog and allow my readers to vote on their favorites.  Remember that only Covenant students, professors, and alumni are eligible.  I will be accepting entries until March 7.  Then… the voting shall commence!  Good luck!


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