A Peak at the Photographer

I decided to post a few personal photos of mine for a couple of reasons.  First, because photoshop is so fun and layering photos is sooooo easy.  Stay tuned for a tutorial in the future on how these pics were created.  Second, because this is what I love about photography – you can capture so much more than simple moments in time.  These photos represent three very distinct phases of my life and they say more to me than pages of journal entries would.

People are complicated and multifaceted – these photos were my attempts at capturing some of the complication that I saw in myself.  Now, as a Christian and a seminary student, I see more clearly why I am such a riddle even to myself.  Not only do I fill multiple roles in my life – student, daughter, friend, photographer – I also have within me a constant struggle between my sinful nature, my dignity as a creature of God, and my identity as one who has been saved by the blood of Christ.




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  1. sarah, these are awesome and sooo insightful! i love the way you captured moments and periods in your life, or arts sake (they are beautiful pictures) and for you to keep for memories sake!

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