Travels of 2011

Well, the New Year has come and gone.  And, although this blog is not intended to document my personal life, I’ve decided to take a moment to look back at my travels over the past year.  Travel photography, after all, is as much a passion of mine as portraiture.  And last year I had the privilege of traveling to some beautiful and remote corners of the globe.

First on the itinerary: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  I spent two weeks here with a mission group, working as a counselor in medical clinics.  The group, called the Ethiopia ACT project, specializes in the care and treatment of those suffering from HIV and AIDS.  It is an incredibly effective and loving ministry, working to provide not only for the physical needs of its beneficiaries but also the spiritual and emotional needs.  If you are interested in learning more about them, please take a look at their website.

Me and other team members enjoying a cup of coffee upon our arrival.

Neighborhood shop

The "playground" behind one of our clinics.

Lake Wenchi - a crater lake near the Addis Ababa

Timkat - the Ethiopian celebration of Jesus's baptism

Next stop: Auckland, New Zealand.  At some point I would love to see the South Island of this beautiful country.  For now, though, I stayed in and around the city of Auckland on the North Island.  From the city to the beaches to the islands, the area was breathtaking.

Volcanic crater with Auckland in the background

Me and my mama at the Waitekere Ranges

Piha Beach - beautiful black sands beach on the west coast

And last but certainly not least – Tahiti!  I spent about ten days on the big island of Tahiti, and one day on the neighboring island of Mo’orea.  If you have seen the movie version of South Pacific then you have seen the beauty of Mo’orea in the mystical “Bali Hai.”  And, I have to say, the movie’s depiction of the island as a beckoning siren is quite accurate.  I could see it on the horizon from my hotel and could almost hear it calling as they say in the song, “come away, come away.”

Tahitian canoes at the ready

Beautiful tree trunk with roots. If you know what type of tree this is, please share with me. I have no idea.

Swimmers. Mo'orea is on the horizon, shielded by clouds.

Market in Pape'ete - the capital of Tahiti

Fisherchildren. Mo'orea in the background.

Approaching Mo'orea by ferry

Mo'orea: the land

Mo'orea: the water

Learning how to open a coconut

A mountain stream in the interior of Tahiti


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