Isaac and Juli’s Vow Renewal

It’s not every day that a couple celebrates their 5 year wedding anniversary.  And it’s even more rare that a husband plans a surprise vow renewal ceremony for his wife, complete with pastor, guests, flowers, a reception, and a sparkler send-off.  Isaac pulled this one off perfectly – Juli could not have been more surprised.  Now I want to make this very clear, since this is my business and I can make the rules – I am not a wedding photographer.  I am a natural-light portrait photographer.  But… this job was the best of both worlds.  Isaac’s plan was so loving, I could not wait to capture the emotions that would play out at the ceremony.  Plus, we were in a beautiful outdoor pavilion at Forest Park so there was natural light in abundance (with just a little help from my friendly flash).  It was such a joy to celebrate this couple’s love, which is clearly stronger than ever after five years of marriage.

3 responses

  1. There is my beautiful sister! And my very thoughtful and sweet brother-in-law!…
    Pictures are just breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing:)

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