Spring Mini Portrait Sessions

Being a seminary student makes me a part of a very special community.  I have learned, though, that grad students often find themselves running short of both time and money.  The mini-sessions were short (15 minute) portrait sessions that I offered only to my fellow seminary students, held on the seminary campus.  It was an attempt to offer something quick, convenient, and affordable.  I’ll be honest though, I wasn’t sure if 15 minutes would be enough time for the kids to really get comfortable in front of the camera.  In my experience, there is often a warm-up period required before children are willing to smile and play naturally.  So I was incredibly excited when these photoshoots were such a HUGE success!  Maybe it was the familiar setting or maybe the stars were just aligned, but each family went away with lots of great photos.  It went so well, I am already planning a fall edition of the mini portrait sessions.  Covenant students, stay tuned!

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