Sam and Mary’s Going Away Photo Booth

Well, it was the weekend of the Photo Booth here in Houston. And I think I’ve got most of the kinks worked out of the process at this point – it only took two! Thanks to everyone who posed for Sam and Mary’s photo booth tonight. Texas, and the people contained therein, will sorely miss these two. Vaya con Dios, friends (and visit, please)!

All the pics in the gallery are available for download. Just find your photo, click on it, and then click the link in the bottom right-hand corner to view the full-sized image. Once you have the full-sized image on your screen, you can simply save it to your computer using the File menu. These are all yours so feel free to share and print to your heart’s content. Enjoy!

Christ the King Vacation Bible School Photo Booth

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Photo Booth last night at Christ the King Presbyterian Church VBS! To download your photos, simply click on your pic in the gallery below. Then click on the link below the photo on the right-hand side that says “View full size”. Once you see your photo, save it to your computer using the “save as” command in the file menu above your browser. If you have trouble viewing or downloading your photos, feel free to email me – contact “at” sarahsuephotography “dot” com. Once you have your pic saved, it’s all yours. Feel free to post to social media or print as you see fit. Enjoy!

Baby Jonah has arrived!

This little fella has been eagerly awaited and even after he was born, Auntie Sarah had to wait 6 weeks to meet him (torture). Let me tell you, he did not disappoint. I am in love with this sweet boy. No surprise, since his mama has been one of my very best friends for the last decade and his daddy is such a good guy. I can’t wait for my next visit – gotta stock up on those Jonah snuggles as often as possible. Thanks for letting me take your picture, friends!

Jonah Newborns B&W-54

Jonah Newborns-3

Jonah Newborns-11

Jonah Newborns-26

Jonah Newborns-40

Jonah Newborns-42

Jonah Newborns-44

Jonah Newborns-45

Jonah Newborns-46

Jonah Newborns-49

Jonah Newborns-53

Jonah Newborns-56

Jonah Newborns-61

Jonah Newborns-63

Jonah Newborns-65

Jonah Newborns-66

Jonah Newborns-69

Jonah Newborns-72

Jonah Newborns-74

Santa Fe Photography Workshop

Last week was fantastic. For my summer vacation, I spent several days visiting friends in St Louis (and managed to squeeze in a newborn session – more about that soon!) and then relocated to Santa Fe for an absolutely incredible photography workshop. Our instructor was the legendary photographer Joe McNally. I have to pinch myself to believe that I really did get to learn from that guy for 4 days. We covered the gambit, from camera basics to advanced lighting techniques. Joe encouraged us to focus on crafting high-quality photos straight from the camera, with only minimal post-processing. So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite shots…

Assignment 1: Santa Fe

Geo Workshop-1

Geo Workshop-2

Geo Workshop-3

Geo Workshop-4

Geo Workshop-5

Geo Workshop-6

Assignment 2: Ghost Ranch (Georgia O’Keeffe country!)

Geo Workshop-7

Geo Workshop-8

Geo Workshop-9

Geo Workshop-10

Geo Workshop-11

Geo Workshop-12

Geo Workshop-13

Geo Workshop-14

Assignment 3: Eaves Movie Ranch (Ever seen The Cheyenne Social Club? Or Wyatt Earp? They were filmed here along with a slew of other Westerns. And yes, I know that my model is in the jail with his gun and with the doors open. We decided that he is seeking revenge on the sheriff, and is waiting to ambush him at the jail. All in good dramatic movie fashion.)

Geo Workshop-15

Geo Workshop-16

Geo Workshop-17

Geo Workshop-18

Geo Workshop-19

Geo Workshop-20

Geo Workshop-21

The M Family is having a baby!

This is a couple that is totally gorgeous inside and out (cheesy I know, but true). So I was super pumped to learn that they are expecting a baby! I cannot wait to meet that little one face to face. In the meantime, it was wonderful to get to photograph this family of three at Rice U. Mr. And Mrs. M were so patient with me, trekking around the campus and braving the Houston mosquitoes, smiling sweetly all the while. Thanks so much M Family!

M Pregnancy Portraits 001

M Pregnancy Portraits 002

M Pregnancy Portraits 003

M Pregnancy Portraits 004

M Pregnancy Portraits 005

M Pregnancy Portraits 006

M Pregnancy Portraits 007

M Pregnancy Portraits 008

M Pregnancy Portraits 009

M Pregnancy Portraits 010

M Pregnancy Portraits 011

M Pregnancy Portraits 012

V Family Mini Session

The V Family won my Fun in the Sun Contest! After a couple of rain checks in our Houston monsoon season (or whatever you would call these last couple of weeks) we finally got to meet for our mini session at the Arboretum. And ya’ll, I cannot believe how many good shots we came away with in twenty minutes. Little Caroline just turned on the charm, happily smiling away and singing with her parents. What a delight!

V Mini 001

V Mini 002

V Mini 003

V Mini 004

V Mini 005

V Mini 006

V Mini 007

V Mini 008

V Mini 009

V Mini 010

L Family at the Arboretum

What a fun morning I had last weekend with the L Family at the Arboretum. These little boys were super pumped about the trees, bugs, berries, fish, you name it – this place is boy heaven! Basically we did lots of playing and caught some precious moments in the process. Thanks, L Family, for choosing this awesome location!

L Family 001

L Family 002

L Family 003

L Family 004

L Family 005

L Family 006

L Family 007

L Family 008

L Family 009

L Family 010

L Family 011

L Family 012

L Family 013

L Family 014

L Family 015

L Family 016

L Family 017

L Family 018

L Family 019

Sarah Sue has joined Red Thread Sessions!

Attention attention! Sarah Sue Photography has joined up with Red Thread Sessions to offer free photo sessions to new adoptive families. There is a brand new button on my blog sidebar that will take you to the Red Thread Sessions website for more info. It looks like this:

I worship a God who has a heart for adoption – has, in fact, adopted me into His family – and I would be honored to be a part of your adoption story. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Fun in the Sun mini session GIVEAWAY!!

Yep, you read that correctly – it’s giveaway time! Summer is nearly upon us and I want to see your favorite Fun in the Sun moment.

What could be better than some canoeing in the sun?

What could be better than some canoeing in the sun?

Here’s how to enter:

1. Email me your favorite Fun in the Sun photo (contact at sarahsuephotography dot com) by next Friday, May 9. You must “like” Sarah Sue Photography on Facebook in order to enter. **Because of the nature of the prize, you must live in Houston or San Antonio to be eligible to win.

2. I will post your photos to my Sarah Sue Photography Facebook page on Saturday, May 10.

3. Ask your friends to vote for you by first “liking” Sarah Sue Photography and then “liking” your photo.

4. Voting will end on Friday, May 16. The photo with the most likes is the WINNER!!

5. Winner, claim your prize – a FREE 20-minute mini session and CD of 10-15 high-res images.

Let the competition begin. You may begin sending me your entries… now!

H Family in the Hill Country

The H Family lives in Texas too! Everybody comes back ya’ll… it’s true. This sweet family lived for a few years in the arctic lands of Minnesota. It’s so great to see them back amongst the hills and the cacti. And these brave kiddos were more than willing to run and play in the dust and the grass (while expertly dodging thorns and ant beds). Their boldness out in all that beauty made my job easy. Thanks for spending the morning with me in Boerne, H Family!

H Family001

H Family002

H Family003

H Family004

H Family005

H Family006

H Family007

H Family008

H Family009

H Family010

H Family011

H Family012

H Family013

H Family014

H Family015

H Family016

H Family017

H Family018

H Family019

H Family020 H Family021