The P Family in the Heights

I LOVE when clients suggest locations. Mr and Mrs P wanted to find a spot that felt both urban and personal, and ended up suggesting 19th St in the Heights. Their idea could not have been better – I will definitely be holding more shoots in this spot. Plus, you guys… is their daughter beautiful or what? She was a trooper on a very chilly morning, showing off her sweet personality. Thanks for braving the cold with me, P Family!

P Family 01

P Family 02

P Family 03

P Family 04

P Family 05

P Family 06

P Family 07

P Family 08

P Family 09

P Family 10

P Family 11

P Family 12

P Family 13

P Family 14

Three Generations of the G Family!

Family is a big deal. This is always the case but it becomes especially apparent around the holidays. So it was truly a pleasure and a privilege to get to photograph the entire G Family – three sisters, their parents, husbands, and children. 18 people in all, including the baby who just turned 1. And what a cooperative group! These kiddos were more than willing to pose, smile, and be bossed around by the photographer for an hour. Thanks G Family!

G Family 01

G Family 02

G Family 03

G Family 04

G Family 05

G Family 06

G Family 07

G Family 08

G Family 09

G Family 10

G Family 11

G Family 12

G Family 13

G Family 14

G Family 15

G Family 16

G Family 17

G Family 18

H Family Portraits

Well we kept the mini session fun going with a portrait shoot of the H Family. New day, same park. You just can’t go wrong with this place, and I think the H boys would agree. We played a lot of tag, told a lot of jokes, and did our best to mimic the fountains. All on a gorgeous Saturday morn (the last week or so has been beautiful, am I right?). Thanks for all the smiles, H Fam!

H Family 01

H Family 02

H Family 03

H Family 04

H Family 05

H Family 06

H Family 07

H Family 08

H Family 09

H Family 10

R Family Mini Session

Ya’ll, little boys are the best. These two literally did not stop for air during our 20-minute mini session. And, if I do say so myself, all their playing led to some lovely and natural photos. Thanks for coming out to the mini sessions, R Family!

R Family-1

R Family-2

R Family-3

R Family-4

R Family-6

R Family-7

R Family-8

R Family-9

R Family-11

R Family-12

R Family-13

R Family-14

R Family-15

R Family-16

R Family-17

R Family-18

G Family Mini Session

The second mini session! As it turns out, the G family and I are practically neighbors so it was great fun to meet this sweet family and add them to my list of familiar faces in the neighborhood. Their boys were obviously buddies – it was so fun to watch them having fun together. Thanks for coming out, G Family!

G Family-1

G Family-3

G Family-4

G Family-6

G Family-7

G Family-9

G Family-10

G Family-12

G Family-13

G Family-14

G Family-15

G Family-16

G Family-17

V Family Mini Session

Last weekend was the weekend of the mini shoot! The V Family was brave enough to take the 8am time slot and we were all rewarded with gorgeous light and fantastic baby smiles :-) It is so hard to believe that 6 months ago, their little guy looked like this. How time does fly!

V Family-2

V Family-4

V Family-5

V Family-6

V Family-7

V Family-8

V Family-9

V Family-10

V Family-11

V Family-13

V Family-14

V Family-16

People Watching at the Texas Renaissance Festival

Yesterday I had my first Texas Renaissance Festival experience and all I can say is… How has it taken me so long?? I had such a fun time enjoying the shows, the shopping, the food, and most of all – the people in their costumes. Some of these people travel the Renaissance Festival “circuit”, taking their elaborate costumes to festivals all over the world. And, for the most part, everyone was more than willing to pause for a photo op.

We also managed to find Waldo.



















S Family (+1)!

The S Family is having a baby! This was such fun for me because Mr. and Mrs. S and I used to work together as singleton engineers in what seems like a former life (I am now a counselor and photographer, they are married and expecting a baby – a lot can happen in four years). They came prepared to wander in the very muddy Arboretum, good-natured as always. Their fun senses of humor are easy to see in the photos. I’m so excited for this growing little family!

S Maternity Portraits-1

S Maternity Portraits-8

S Maternity Portraits-12

S Maternity Portraits-15

S Maternity Portraits-25

S Maternity Portraits-28

S Maternity Portraits-37

S Maternity Portraits-39

S Maternity Portraits-50

S Maternity Portraits-54

S Maternity Portraits-59

S Maternity Portraits-61

S Maternity Portraits-63

S Maternity Portraits-65